The Genovese Restaurant

Discover the Genovese Restaurant, a unique place to enjoy generous Italian cuisine in an idyllic setting.

The Setting

Located just a few steps away from the bustling city center, the Genovese Restaurant instantly transports you to another world as soon as you step through its doors. Its harmonious setting elegantly combines modernity and history, with the neighboring Genoese ramparts alongside the restaurant's pool. The terrace is a true haven of tranquility, offering an ideal pause to relax and enjoy a moment of intimacy. The carefully selected furniture and refined decor create a warm and welcoming ambiance, where every detail is thoughtfully considered.

The Menu

The cuisine at the Genovese Restaurant perfectly reflects the ambiance of the place: generous and full of flavors. Our two Italian chefs, Ernesto and Mapu, offer a wide selection of Italian and local products on a daily basis. Their specialty is pasta asciutta, which they prepare in various forms. You can also indulge in fresh products from local fishing and the region, accompanied by a superbly curated selection of wines.

Explore our interactive menu to discover the diversity of our dishes:

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We are looking forward to welcoming you for a memorable gastronomic experience in an exceptional environment.